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Flyer Club

A League Above Luxury Travel

Fly Business & First Class with up to 70% off. Enjoy exclusive service and all-hand planning

Partners with 50+ Airlines


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Our Benefits

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Get off to a flying start

Arranging travel logistics can be a lengthy process.

We can help put the joy back into your journey with personalized planning from take-off to landing.

You can count on your luxury travel concierge to curate an exclusive itinerary that saves costs without cutting corners.

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Enjoy first-class flight planning

Need access to the best business and first class deals?

We will provide you with a dedicated flight designer who takes care of everything to do with the flying portion of your trip.

Whether you are a business traveler, or you simply prefer to travel in style, our specialists are on hand to make your trip special.

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24/7 support of your personal agent

Available from dawn until dusk, and all the hours in between, our dedicated concierge team is on hand to assist you before, during and after your trip. 

Whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or the early hours of the morning, we promise to always pick up the phone to help solve your problem, whatever it might be.

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Receive unpublished rates and deals

We work directly with airlines which allows us to provide our customers with exclusive rates. You won’t find it on the Internet. We’ll make sure that you receive the perfect offer that matches all of your needs.

Name us your departure and return dates, from-to airports and receive 3+ offers exactly the same day.

Best-selling Business Class Flight Deals

Save from 15% to 70% on business class & first class flights with Flyer Club

55% off retail

New York -



Business class, r/t

44% off retail

Rome -



Business class, r/t

51% off retail

Los Angeles -



Business class, r/t

50% off retail

London -



Business class, r/t

49% off retail

Dubai -
Las Vegas



Business class, r/t

57% off retail

Madrid -



Business class, r/t

56% off retail

Miami -



Business class, r/t

58% off retail

Washington -



Business class, r/t

57% off retail

Manchester -



Business class, r/t

Cheap Business Class Flights

Flyer Club offers the world of luxury travel with cheap business class flights at a significantly lower cost. We offer up to 73% off on premium travel experiences.

Fly Like Royalty, Without the Royal Price Tag:

  • Business & First Class Exclusives: Say goodbye to generic online searches. We arrange our executive network of partners to negotiate exclusive discounts you won't find anywhere else.
  • Your Dream Flight, Customized: Tell us your preferences, and we'll customize the perfect route. From airline and routes to seat selection, we handle all-hand planning, allowing you to dream of cloud-nine comfort and champagne showers.
  • Stress-Free Booking: To find cheap business class tickets spend no more time browsing travel-related websites. Call us 24/7 or chat live with our friendly agents, and we'll take care of everything, from finding the lowest price to securing your ideal seat.

Search and Compare Business Class Flights

When it comes to finding the best business class flight deals, the key lies in the art of searching and comparing options. For travelers seeking affordable luxury, the process begins with strategically exploring available options with online platforms customized to discover the most cost-effective business class tickets.

Google Flights are invaluable tool to find cheap business class tickets. Input your departure and destination, along with travel dates, and watch as these platforms provide you with countless options to present you with a customized list. Keep an eye on one-way business class flights deals – they're like hidden treasures for travelers on a budget.

Benefits of Flying Business Class

  • Stress-Free Planning: Your personal flight assistant will create a personalized schedule, securing the best business class flights deal that fit your budget and preferences.
  • Dedicated Flight Design: From finding unpublished rates and hidden deals to selecting the perfect seat for your needs.
  • 24/7 Support: Our dedicated team is available around the clock, before, during, and after your journey. Whether it's a midnight flight change or a forgotten passport, we're just a phone call away to solve any problem.
  • Fly Business Class: Elevate your travel experience with our premium deals on business class one way tickets.
  • Business Class Tickets Offers: Exclusive deals that go beyond standard online offerings.
  • Best Site for Cheap Business Class Flights: Trust us for unbeatable prices and personalized assistance.
  • Buy Cheap Business Class Tickets: Access rates are not available to the general public.
  • Best Business Class Ticket Prices: Benefit from our close ties with major carriers and enjoy cost-effective travel.

Flyer Club is not just about flying; it's about elevating your travel experience. Choose us, and let's make your next journey unforgettable!


Save up to 73%

Just call us 24/7 or use chat with our agents

Why Fly with Flyer Club?

Travel Experts with 15+ Years of Experience
These experts take the time to intimately understand your needs to provide exclusive itineraries and priority support that speaks to your unique travel preferences.
This saves valuable time and money which can be spent doing more of what you love - seeing the world.
The Latest Tricks of the Travel Trade
We stay abreast of all the latest industry updates so that you don't have to
From mileage points hacking to pandemic-related policies and procedures, our extensive knowledge base ensures an exclusive and hassle-free experience at the best possible price point.
Hands-On Customer Care
Having worked in the industry for many years, we know what works and what doesn't.
Providing a real live human to help you in the event of an emergency change of plan is crucial to client happiness, which is why we make it our top priority.
Unbeatable Deals and Discounts
Unlike the offers you'll find online, our quotes come directly from privately negotiated fares and contract rates, far below the market minimum.
These fares are not legally available to the general public and have been secured through many years of close ties with all the major carriers.
Combined Itineraries and Routes
At Flyer Club, we understand that not all travel plans are simple.
We search high and low to provide you with a range of travel solutions to suit your needs, whether you have a preferred airline for a round-trip booking, or prefer to combine carriers for a lower cost.
The Best in Business Travel Solutions
Flyer Club has access to 50+ major airlines, including Emirates, Air France, United Airlines, Etihad, Lufthansa, etc.
We’ll provide you both with flight and accommodation. Leave a request and receive up to 30% discount on such top-chain hotels as Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton. Making your journey special, Flyer Club.


  • What is a business class flight?

    A business class flight comes with more comfortable seats and make your travel luxury and you will fly like a VIP person in the sky. With more comfy rooms, spacious legroom and perfect dining makes your journey bit more luxurious in your budget.

  • Why are business class flights so expensive?

    Prices of business class flights are more higher than standard options due to many reasons. Business class offers more perks like largers seats, fancy meals, and more extra benefits which are not present in standard class options.

  • How can I find cheap business class tickets?

    You can search flights online on different websites and compare them. Book your tickets in advance to avail maximum discounts which also gives you to travel flexibly by booking first. Other options you can go for sign up alerts, bargain for best deals by exploring more websites or following loyalty programs.

  • What’s the best time to book a business class flight to get a good deal?

    For best deals you can book your flight before 2-3 months to avail best deals from airlines. Check different websites and compare their prices and take your flexible dates to avoid peak times by booking your ticket prior. Stay updated with us for more deals.

  • Do business class fares go down closer to the departure date?

    No, fares of business class don’t go down as the departure date gets nearer. Its better to book tickets in advance for best deals due to limited premium seats which sells in the starting and then prices may rise, so don’t wait for the last date.

  • Are there specific airlines known for offering affordable business class fares?

    Yes, there are so many business class flights which are available at affordable prices. It includes Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and many more. These airlines provides you comfort with low cost prices which makes your travel luxury.

  • Are there any hidden fees or charges when booking business class flights?

    There are no hidden fees or charges when you for business class flights. You can also check for transparency before boarding your flight. Choose reliable flights and great agents for your luxury travel and also ensure that your tickets doesn’t contain hidden taxes and travel with confidence.

  • Can I get a better deal by booking a round-trip business class flight instead of one-way?

    If you want to save money then go for a round trip business class flights instead of one-way. Because round trip tickets are cheaper than one- way and you can also save your money while enjoying benefits of business class on your entire trip.

  • Are there any memberships or subscription services that can help me find business class deals?

    Yes, there are lot of travel clubs on which you can find business class deals in best prices. One of them is Flyer Club and in this we will provide you premium travels with low cost prices on business class without breaking your bank.

  • Is business class the same as first class?

    Both classes are different. In First class you are offered more benefits travel are compare to business class. Business class is also good as you are offered with comfort but its less fancy. Seats of these two class are similar and better then economy class.

Sounds like your sort of travel plan?